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Historical library research and quilting! Did you write this post 'specially for me? :)


That waffle looks SO GOOD!


Quilt ON sister!


How exciting about your family history. I love learning little bits of information about the past.

Silver Ilix

MMMMMM waffles look good!
I really like that quilt too. I am planning on trying quilting out.... what do you often stuggle with in this craft.... (this may seem odd but I am asking a few "quilt-bloggers")


Hi! those waffles look fabulous.

I tagged you for a meme, if you have time:


I have that book and have made 7 of the quilts. It's awesome. Also Eleanor Burns has a series of books that work you through a quilt step by step and she includes yardage for lap quilts up to King size. I think they are called "Quilt in a Day".

Kate McMullin

Now I'm going to make waffles for dinner tonight, they look so scrumptious!


(Hi, found you thru the Ravelry link at A Verb...) You probably know already about the State library behind Stonestown that specializes in geneology and State history - maybe you'll find something of interest there!


Great work! Just do what you love. My previous quilting addiction is now taken up by my knitting addiction, but there's NOTHING like snuggling and sleeping under a quilt you made yourself!

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