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I want to be Desmond's Penny. Sigh. :)


I subscribe to the thought that Lost is truly a love story behind all the craziness. A love story about Penny and Desmond.


Makes you wonder when you try to explain what Lost is all about...hmmm? I've watched the show for 3+ seasons and I still don't know!


Oh joy, you're blogging about LOST again. I still quote you to my husband - Jack will forever be "Jiggity Jack, Mayor McCheese." Thank you for that, Nicole.

Did you know Henry Ian Cusick once played Jesus? Tis true. He is so...purposeful.

I still watch because of Locke. I am drawn to him and his ever-delusional, yet weirdly moral character. Maybe it's just the acting.


I love LOST but my partner hates it. I've only seen the shows available on DVD thus far, but I'm looking forward to Season 4!!! Uh, and Henry is a BABE!


After last night's episode, Bill said, "I hate this show. It just keeps giving me more information about a story I don't understand anyway."


And the accent right? It's got to be a little bit about the accent too.

Or maybe that's just me (swoon!)


just happened upon your blog thru ravelry (love your marilyn sweater & sweet georgia socks), but i'm not here to talk knitting..oh no, baby - i'm here because you blogged about Desmond and he is the reason i love Lost. (well, not the only reason, of course, but a really really big one). i'm worried tho, does he survive do you think????

oh, yum, thanks for planting the thought of him in my noggin.

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