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Uri Geller! I can't stop giggling.

I think it's that the angle of your photograph elongates your nose. You don't look a thing like Uri Geller, or really any of those stars, from the pics of you that I've seen. I'll have to do this with my picture too now.

BTW, I love reading new posts to your blog again. A woman in my knit group mentioned you the other day because she was sitting next to you at the Lucy Neatby class. Small world!


I don't know... I can see Laura Linney. But try another picture and see what happens - the site says if the same celebs repeat several times, they're your "celebrity twins"! (Woo!)


Whoa! 80% kareena kapoor! She is one of the most popular stars in Bollywood! Go to India, and you will have millions following you, literally!


This is a riot! I totally have to do this when I get home (i.e., have access to my home computer with photos of me on it).


A friend of mine is convinced that this site is some sort of government conspiracy to gather photos to match to information on the general public. I'm not sure I'm convinced, but I'm the juxtaposition of Leni Riefenstahl with Jennifer Love Hewitt is delightful!


love hewitt? maybe it's the brontosaurus-like neck... or the or the mammo-saurus-like BOOBS?

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