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Oooh! I don't quilt, but I bet that sock monkey fabric would make for great pj pants!


My advice is keep working from whatever inspires you. Your sock monkey quilt is great and your niece clearly appreciates it. :)

I love Susan's modern heirloom quilt too. I'm pretty sure it was her second quilt... she's amazing (and I don't just mean her quilt-making ability).


I live in fear of maiming myself with the rotary cutter. I've been thinking about getting those special butchers' gloves you can't cut through. And sewing your finger? Ow.


Very cute quilt! My mom made a quilt for my older son using that monkey fabric with this panel as the star of the show. She used a bunch of the fabrics from that line in the quilt, including the one with the band-aids and medicine bottles that just cracked me up. :)

I tried taking up quilting but I am so much better with knitting, where I can go back. There's no going back when you cut the fabric wrong!


No advice, but that's just rad!


Fabulous! The fabrics, the colours, the monkeys, everything. I love it.

Happy new year!


I think the brightness of all the different fabrics work brilliantly together! Now I want to make a monkey quilt for my baby due in May! But I have to finish her knit blanket first. Gah, I thought baby projects were supposed to get done quickly!


Oh, just the thought of getting all those monkeys cut just so makes my head spin! It looks beautiful!


Uh oh! This looks like a dangerous new avocation. In any case, the quilt is really cute and stiking at the same time. You have a really unique and creative eye!


I love this quilt - excellent colors. I've done a minimal bit of quilting - mostly cutting and machine piecing - and I am dying to do more. I think a baby quilt may be the way to go, and this is great inspiration.


You are freaking me out. Gorgeous quilts should not make you wish for an emergency room near you. Love the green-based quilt too.

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