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I love that movie. So cute and sweet!


What is this "Mission Pie" of which you speak? Is it particular to SF? If I am going to SF this weekend to ice skate at the zoo, should I also make a pie stop?


With those ingredients, how could you NOT be happy. Yum.


Mmm...pie! That recipe sounds great. Pie + brandy = what's not to like?

Growing up, I rarely had a birthday cake. I always requested pie. My mom knew that if she didn't freeze some fresh pumpkin in the fall so that she could make me a pie come July, there would be trouble!


oh yes. Wonderful movie. mmm Nathan.....

It's impossible to watch that movie and NOT want to bake.


I love that movie! The pie recipe sounds good. I don't drink, but I happen to half almost a whole bottle of brandy sitting here from a cookie recipe I made recently. Thanks for giving me a reason to sue some of it up. *G* :)


haven't seen the movie, but love pie!

so what sort of crust are we using? graham/nilla/oreo crumbs? dough?


Another pie that is one of the most wonderful things ever....
Banana Caramel Pie
Bake a pie crust and set to the side. Take a can (unopened) of sweetened condensed milk and put in a boiler full of water. Boil the can (keep checking to make sure that the pan has plenty of water!) for 4-5 hours. Cool can until ready for use. Slice bananas and place in the pie crust. Top with contents of the s.c. milk can. Top that with Cool Whip.


I just watched that movie and I was...well more interested in the pies... They did look good.



I think you talked about Waitress on one of your podcasts. And also another movie to watch for the sweaters. Something about dogs? What movie was it?

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