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MEOW does that look good on you!


Cute! Congratulations!!!


Very lovely! I've been wanting to try out that yarn - it looks gorgeous! :)


Very cute! Love that shade on you! Looks realllly nice!


It looks great! And is super cute on you! :)


It worked! This is a really great top, and the fit and colour on you are simply superb. Nice work, Little Miss Modification!


great top!! I love the colour on you and the yarn is gorgeous too! Nice destashing ;)


I love the blue green color!


It's beautiful! I think the yarn was a perfect match for the pattern.


What a perfect combination! That really is a good color for you. Between you and Jenny, I'm getting summer sweater envy, too! I usually steer clear of knitting tanks and shells and summer tops for some reason. But this is simply beautiful.


Yes! Stunning. Sometimes, you see something someone has made for themselves and it's all just perfect. You SHOULD love it. It's perfect.


What else to say but "purty."
And nice color, I swan.


That is so great on you! Very pretty top!


I hadn't eve ngiven that pattern a second look in the magazine, but yours is inspiring! now I have to add it to my list of things I want to knit )but probably never will because I don't have time anymore).


It's fantastic, and the color is perfect for you!


Looks great on you, I want to make this top too!

Amy Boogie

It looks beautiful. And it's a fantastic fit for you.


It's been said by almost everyone who's commented so far, but that truly is a gorgeous color on you. It really makes the design pop, too. The pattern didn't really catch my eye when I saw it in IK - the color was kind of boring as I recall. But this is truly stunning. Hope you really enjoy wearing it!


It looks phenomenal on you! What a great choice of yarn and pattern - you were totally right. They were a match made in heaven. Great color on you too. Makes me consider putting that on my list...

Dipsy D.

Oh my gosh, this top looks ever so beautiful! I absolutely love the pattern, and the color you've been using seems to be the perfect one indeed! You look fantastic in it! Congratulations!


Girl, that is gorgeous. But so is Jenny's But so is yours. If I still kinit things for myself, I would make both. For myself.


clearly it was worth the wait to find the right pattern for such a beautiful yarn! Looks wonderful on you.

Psyched 2 Knit

Terrific color and cool pattern. I love the neckline. Enjoy!

Candace Belako

That looks smashing! Way to Modify!
Makes me want to knit it.

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