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Seriously. This really *is* a plate o' shrimp. I have been thinking about colors and seasons lately, too! I checked that book out from the library a year or so ago and determined that I am a summer when I always thought I was an autumn. But I really wish I had one of those color sample sets that my mom got back in the '80s when she had her colors done... a set of swatches all held together by a ring that she could take with her when she went shopping or whatever. Because there are really subtle differences in the colors (especially when you're looking at a faded out library copy of the book...).

I have the Maggie Righetti, too, and refer to it once in a while. Seems that Stash and Burn is usually right on my wavelength, or I am on its.


WOOHOO! Draft finished! I am impressed. Should I go get a graduate degree? That's a rhetorical question... I think I should, once I survive the next couple o'months.


Now I don't feel like such a dork. I am a CMB fanatic. The old CMB recognizes four seasons, but the new take is that there are 3 divisions within each season -- clear, soft and something else. I carry my CMB palette with me and use it to buy clothing and yarn. Seriously, I'm *that* nerdy.


Those are some really good finds:) So what colors are you? How do you figure this out anyway? I've been told that I am a winter? Is it the black hair?

Sounds like fun:)


Congrats on finishing the thesis draft. That must be such a feeling of accomplishment. And congrats on your book finds! Every time I visit the library I go through the books they have for sale hoping to find knitting books. No luck yet.


Uhhh, I can outnerd and outcheap previous commenters--the swatch kits that Karma refers to can be made in a bootleg fashion by visiting your local hardware store! "Borrow" some paint sample cards, grab a hole punch and a book ring and voila!

I love that C. Jackson stresses that it will reduce consumption and waste because you'll learn to shop smarter.


Congratulations on your draft! And you know I can appreciate a good thrift. Well done.


No, I am a fan of Bud.

"Ordinary fucking people. God, how I hate them."

Or something like that.

HDS is da man.

You have been missed.


I love Color Me Beautiful. I am a winter who strangely can wear lots of autumn colors!

I am doing a happy dance in honor of your thesis!


Awesome on the thesis, girl. Let's drink beer together very soon to celebrate.

Sally Villarreal

Yay for Maggie Righetti!


I am so lost. What means this phrase, plate o' shrimp? I live under a large, Germanic rock, evidently.
And, congrats on the thesis draft--that you can work, podcast, and write is a true accomplishment. Is this an liberry thing or another grad degree?


Wow, this takes me way back! I think my mom still has her copy of CMB on a bookshelf at home, although unlike your find it's probably dog eared because I was so intrigued. I hope there's a nice selection of orange is in your season.

Congrats on finishing the draft!!


Ah, I was a young twenty-something who basically wore neutrals because I wasn't sure what colors to wear. I went to a class on this stuff (really!) and got all these color swatches, including a little foldable thingy that I would take with me shopping. I don't follow it religiously today, but it really helped break me out of a really boring fashion rut -- I starting wearing bright jewel tones that really worked for me.

And now that that I'm reaching my 50th year, I'm thinking it'd be good to think about what more muted colors might be working better now...



I have that Color Me Beautiful book! I got it at a self-esteem camp when I was a teenager. I never really figured out what season I was, but I did learn some things. I'm closer to a winter than a spring, and that explains why pastel colors look so awful on me. That book gave me the courage to try bolder colors. Although, it did put me off orange for a number of years.

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