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Yes, I find that very odd. The other day, my hubby and I took our kids to see a movie and the whole theater was empty except for maybe 5 other people. This woman and her 2 big daughters came in and sat in the row right in front of us, in front of my 4 and 6 year olds! I had to ask loudly if my kids could see and they said no. The woman was clueless! So we got up and sat in front of them. Seriously, big empty theater! Let's sit in front of the little kids so they can't see.


I do that with my money as well. Do you also make sure the presidents are all facing in the same direction?


Very odd, I like putting me feet up too :0)


Very weird! And rude! I'd've had my feet up too.


reading your post, in my head i was pronouncing it bel-ee-zee-an too :)


I always wonder that in an empty movie theatre -- why are you choosing to sit practically up my ass?!?!!?


How else would you put money in a wallet? What are we, savages?!?


Love stuff like this. I must try it sometime :)


Yeah, I hate when people do that! Not to be crass, but doesn't the same thing always happen in public restrooms? There can be 5-50 stalls, and somebody always goes right into the one next to you! :-)

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