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Of course, you know Sleater-Kinney was born up here in the Seattle area (Olympia), right? Pretty funny that people didn't really know what they were for a while, just knew there was a Sleater-Kinney exit on I-5. I dig your tshirt, too!


Yep, like Karma, I think of the road as well and like to think that Sleater-Kinney Road must be perfect for lovers. For a second I thought you were going to say something about crying b/c they broke up (not like, really crying, but you know, choked up) but I don't know why. Maybe, just maybe, I'm projecting again--but I came to S-K late because the songs I heard early on, all I heard was warbly vocals, not the lyrics, so my sadness is more about my own thick-headedness.

this weird comment brought to you by a person in a hurry who nonetheless feels she can't let the post go w/o commenting...


Your shirt is fantastic! I don't have that particular design (yet), but I've also had some interesting responses to my SK shirts. The best one I heard was when I was up in Washington, visiting my family. My Uncle saw it and said, "Wait, why do you have street names on your shirt?!"

Okay, so I'm probably the only one who thought that thought that it was funny. He offered to show me the real life Sleater-Kinney though.


Oh, I love the shirt. Love! And I love eavesdropping, too. :)


We had the opposite experience - after hearing of the band we were surprised to drive past the street when we were on holiday!

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