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Mmmm. Belize. Sounds awesome!
I've been waiting for my passport too. Funny thing is, I'm confident that I can get into Canada without it, but I'm not so sure about checking in at the airport. Customs doesn't require it but the airline does. Gah! Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Oh man. I was going to be all excited that you couldn't knit because you couldn't put your super duper amazingly cute niece down, but then you had to go and point out all the stressy things. I know of the stressy things. But soon I will also know of the niece/nephew things!

Good luck with the passports and have a lovely vacation no matter what.


cute cute cute!


I love blue and orange together, and your top looks perfect for the beach. Your neice is a cutie, too! I hope everything works out with your passports.


I really love Nature Cotton. Love it. And a co-worker just got back from TNNA (I didn't get to go - boo-freakin'-hoo) and brought me something NEW from them. Don't know what it is, since it's sans label, but it is a sport-weight merino, about 1,000 yards, in deep olive green. You would die.

Enjoy your trip, once you get your passport!


If you have trouble with the same day, which is possible, promptly call the local office of your state's senior sentator. Then request request assistance. I used to do this for people when I worked for a senator so I know it can be done.

Often times, they will put you in touch with someone there to guide you through the process.


Finger crossed that all went well at the passport office today.


Well good things come in threes. A post from you with an adorable baby photo, a very nice summer beach top (LOVE the color combo) and an amazing link for a stripe generator, which eerily is exactly what I needed to make a vest. Have a great trip!!


Oh nooooooo -- my fingers are crossed for your passports...

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