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Interesting comment about UFO vs. WIPs! I think in my head I'd considered them as the same thing...but then, the UFO does have more of a sense of distance and longevity about it. The other thing that I realized a little while ago is that when a WIP gets to the point of being all finished except for the seaming or the buttons (whatever bits of finishing it needs), it's not an FO but it's not a WIP either. It's finished enough that I let myself cast on something new, but not finished enough to let me cross it off the list! I wonder what that in-between category is called...


That's so weird! I was just thinking about WIP's too! I've been plotting it for my post tomorrow! WIP's are in the air!


All such yummy looking colorful stuff to knit on, it's a wonder how you choose what to pull from the knit bag each time. I have some UTO's (UnTouched Objects - neglected for a looooong time now) and one big WIP that will reduce my stash significantly and unburden my conscience (the CPH)...the rest are UFOs.

I love that tiled photo spread.


Hmm, looks like it's time to get cracking on some of those UFOs. Some are really close to being a finished object.


Like Glenna said, I've using the terms somewhat interchangeably. No more!

I had totally been humming XTC vs. Adam Ant before seeing this post, and now I'm never going to get it out of my head.

Knitting Bandit

I am frightened to list my UFO's...I like Marce's category... mine are more like UTO's. SO U. T. that I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple. So we'll call them UTAF. Un-Touched-And-Forgotten.


Everything looks so lovely! Now, just get to finishing so you can model them for us. Miss S is just too adorable, and she is most fetching in her sweater!


Some of those are so close! You'll get them finished.


I definitly have the two categories separate in my mind.... I only keep out what I'm currently working on daily (or, regularly, at least), so if I've put it away, then it's a UFO.

Are you sure you don't want to put the Hippy Crunchies out of their misery? You sound so not in love with them! :0)


I'm slogging through 2 scarves in an effort to get my UFO numbers down. But to reward myself, I cast on for something new and have created a new possible UFO. It's a fine balance...


I don't think I have a lot of UFO's, but I have some WIPs! Thanks for the yarn certificate to Spunky Eclectic. I got the soilent (spelling) green and black yarn to make as of yet undecided shawl. I love the yarn--the colors are great!:-)


If you ever decide not to finish that pink sweater, just send it to me :) It looks like something I would wear :)
I don't have any knitting ufos because I tend to just knit 1 bigger project at the time and 2 pairs of socks, so if I'm not hilarious about one, I knit on one of the others and my bigger projects have been somewhat easy so far ( or small like Elspeth) but don't ask about the sewing ufos....

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