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The sweater looks great, very adorable! I agree with you about pink but I also agree with the new mum on this one too. My daughter wears pink sometimes (mainly due to gifts) and the main reason we aren't crazy about it is because the corporate world tells us she should. You wander into a girls section and pink (and purple) is it. Like babies/kids/parents would care about colour unless an advertising company told them they had to. They have hijacked a lovely colour (I like pink) and make it a statement of sexuality (and how "pretty" the girl is), it is so mad. One thing we don't waiver on is all of the ridiculous over the top slutty girl clothes out there. Last time we went shoe shopping in the US she was 3 and about half of the shoes available were high heels! If she can't be comfortable in it, she doesn't wear it (and we are totally ok with dresses because they are comfortable and make sense). I however do get annoyed when something that is normally associated with women is thrown out without a thought, like knitting. Women = bad, men = good mentality is crazy. That isn't feminism. Maybe this is too much for a post on knitting, damn you got me started, imagine how much fun I am at parties!


I'd love to see how long your colleague can go without succumbing to pink. I'm not too wild about it, either, but Amelie wears it quite often because of all the gifts and hand-me-downs. It's not bad.

Your EZ Baby Sweater turned out beautifully! I love it in that organic cotton look. And the buttonhole fiasco is probably a good thing; more often than not I just button the top button(s) on Amelie's cardis anyway. The red buttons are a great complement to the chocolate cotton. I think I used about 300 yards of Cascade 220 for mine, too. Must be the magic number!


Oh my goodness, I *love* how this turned out. The chocolate-ice-cream colour with the red buttons! Love it.

I had a conversation recently about girls wearing pink, with a fellow student who has a 2-year-old. It's a tricky thing, because of course you want to resist gender stereotypes, but at the same time you don't want to demonize femininity. Because there's nothing inherently wrong with pink, or dresses -- after all, femininity/femaleness isn't devalued *because* it's feminine/female.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is this: Please convert this pattern into adult sizes so I can have a chocolate EZ sweater with red buttons. Thanks!


Okay, so, my mother had this aunt whom my grandmother raised. She had that enviable gift of looking at an item and then going home to reproduce it. So, she made that sweater, almost exactly in crochet, edged in blue with ribbon ties. No pattern. Really darling for the tiny babies. There are a couple of them floating around Princeton Street. One is on Teddy, my childhood bear. It looks good on him. Swear to god it's almost exactly the same. It's crazy. She made those little sweaters in the 40's.


It seems the best way to insure your daugther ends up longing to be a Playboy Bunny is to let her know how offended you are by pink and all things girly. What better way to drive a mother positively batty, which I believe is the goal at some point.


The sweater is darling!!! I agree, EZ is wonderful, and I think she would praise your alterations - they look great!
- Jenn

Jessica K.

Hi! I'm a big fan of Stash&Burn so i had to check out your blog. I agree with the comment above, and would like to formally request that if you need a new project in the next few months (ha!) it would be simply amazing to have this pattern in an adult size. You know, if you want to.

Thanks, and keep podcasting! Yours is one of the best.



The sweater looks great! Hopefully I will be able to finally finish a sweater of my own and stop drooling over the ones that everyone else keeps making!


That is adorable. Wish I could make one but everyone I know is having boys. It is amazing! Not a single little girl in the bunch.

Paula Daniel`

I love this pattern, but where can I get it? If you know, would you please email me at: baconsgram@yahoo.com.
I knit and crochet for the babies at the county hospital, and am always looking for easy and/or pretty patterns.
Thanks from baconsgram!!!

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