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holy crap thats funny...

i have a secret.. i like alanis morrisette...shush dont tell anyone.. i will get ridiculed...
i really like the song Uninvited..

her voice is so pretty in this song (humps) its sad that the lyrics are trash but she makes it somewhat beautiful!


Amazing what a beautiful voice can do for a shite song. The visual was cracking me up.


Thanks for the laugh!


"You Oughta Know" came out at the exact right time for me--19 years old, nasty breakup--perfect. Since then I've maintained a low-level like of her--in large part just because of "You Can't Do That on Television!" and mostly because she's always been... cool. In that inscrutable Canadian and totally awesome feminist way.


HILARIOUS! That clicking sound you hear is Alanis gaining back those points she lost after "Dogma."


My husband showed this to me last night. It's pretty funny. What a revolting song.


Oh, Alanis. Well, at the very least she's always too hot, never too cold; she takes her best shot -- too hot to hold... You gotta go for gooooooold!


Hil.ar.ious. Loved it!


Oooooh Donal Logue I love you so! How could they cancel The Knights of Prosperity taking away my weekly Donal fix?

Now to "the song" I am not sure even a lovely lithe Canadian voice can fix it. And now Fergie has a song that you cannot escape here in Costa Rica where she refers to herself as "tasty" and then later referes to herself a "lady." Me thinks these two things do not go together.

Viva la Donal!


LOL loved it..............Happy Easter! Can't wait for ya'll to be back at podcasting!!


from yesterday's Daily dish:

The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie has sent Alanis Morissette a butt-shaped cake after being impressed by the rocker's April Fool's Day version of "My Humps."

After the video for Morissette's version of the band's hit song "My Humps" became a worldwide sensation on YouTube, the star sent the Canadian singer a congratulatory cake with a note attached reading "Alanis, you're a genius. Love, Fergie."

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