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At the resivoir by my house goats come over and eat the grass. I think they drive themselves over and then leave when the food runs out. Hammie and Gristle thought they were dogs and stuck their fingers in the fence. Auntie Gail told them to take their fingers out, or they'd get bitten off. Anyway, if the Australian sheep eat grass like goats, maybe they can find jobs in Japan like the American goats.


That is SUCH a bizarre story! How on earth do you imagine these folks coming up with that scheme?! heheh sitting around their dining table plotting get-rich-quick plans and they come up with THIS?! yikes! hehe


Ohmygosh! My heart goes out to those poor sheep! I am too much of an animal lover, I know, but I would want to take them all in!


Poor sheep -- and I wonder why the real poodles would have been so much more expensive to breed and sell... I'd rather a sheep anyday (though admittedly, not in a Japan sized apartment).


Let me get this straight......we are talking about real sheep. The kind that baa and love to eat shoe laces? Um, ok-kay.


Poor sheep! I just hope they don't become lamb chops...that would be so sad!


I love lamb chops. They are so delicious.


This is sad but in a way very funny. How the heck could you mistake a lamb for a poodle? The first clue would be when it went "baaaa". Hopefully these sheep were in good health and didn't need to be put down. Hopefully there are some very fortunate (ha, pun intended) farmers in Japan.


poor lambies.


Ohmhygod that's a hillarious story. Too bad it's not true:


It did make me laugh though.

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