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Happy Blogiversary! My first post is here. I find it a little embarrassing now - I even deleted it for awhile, but I put it back up because it's part of the record I'm trying to keep - the good, the bad, AND the ugly. *sigh*

BUT, Congratulations to YOU on 3 years and 1000 comments!


My first blog post- shouldn't take you long to read! LOL
Happy Blogiversary! 1000 comments in 3 years- awesome!
And you're right Aija kicks ass!

limedragon :-: Harriet

Congratulations on 3 years!! : ) Here is my first post (although in all honesty, I posted a few times two years before that testing out the "blog thing").


First time here, by way of Stumbling Over Chaos! Wow, what a generous woman you are! I just got my first ever skein of Fearless Fibers (the Shades of Teal colorway). Huge fan!


That's the link to my first post. Happy anniversary, love the rants!


Happy Blogiversary! I've only blogged for a few months, but I can't wait to be able to give away stuff in celebration of my own self. Like a reverse birthday! Here's my first post: http://nomoresweaters.blogspot.com/2007/02/i-think-she-likes-it.html


Happy Blogiversary! I've only blogged for a few months, but I can't wait to be able to give away stuff in celebration of my own self. Like a reverse birthday! Here's my first post: http://nomoresweaters.blogspot.com/2007/02/i-think-she-likes-it.html


I'm not sure how to put a link in the comments, but here is the link to my first knitting blog post:


I don't figure you'd want the links to the other 2 blogs 1st posts since they aren't knitting; I'll just post the knitting blog one.

Jen. D.

Nice to meet you! Wandering on over from Stumbling Over Chaos. Here is my very first post to my blog, only a week and a half ago. Sigh. It's still all so new! Congratulations on your Blogiversary!


Happy blogiversary - and many more! My first anniversary is almost here (5/11); it's been a fun year. Here's my first post: http://yarn-tails.blogspot.com/2006/05/this-is-all-lisas-fault.html

Stitchy Fingers

Happy Blogiversary. I'm here from Stumbling Over Chaos too. Here's my first blog entry:

I hope it is the correct link!


Hey congratulations, I found your blog form a link o rama... lucky me, there just happened to be a contest:) My first blog was super lame, but I like to think I've gotten a bit better. I'll be comming up on my 3rd year too, well really in about 6 months I will be:)

I love that sock yarn and the needle case looks awesome! Very cool prises. Knit bloggers really are such nice people!

so here it is, my frist blog!



Happy third blogiversary!

Here's my first post:


Jenny Raye

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Appropriately enough my first blog entry is titled, 'My First Blog Entry.' Yeah, I'm real creative.


Well, I'm new to blog, but I must enter. Here's my first blogpost...
Alas, I had only one comment and the gorgeous shawl I posted was lost. I know, how can one lose a hand made shawl?? I don't know. I did it.


I haven't been a blogger for very long, and love the b,log world! Congrats on your blogiversary (very nice prizes you are offering up!) Happy 3 years!

Here is hpw I started ... http://ewegottaknit.blogspot.com/2007/01/getting-started.html (and I never realized until now that I had no comments on that post! sad, but it was a start and a release for me! and i get a few comments now, so s'all good!) :)

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama:  Darlene

Great idea for a contest: Here is my first, pathetic post on my blog! http://yarn-collectors-anonymous.blogspot.com/2006_03_01_archive.html


Happy blogiversary!

My first blog post was lost to the ether when my SO deleted the database that held our blog data. I mined most of my lost posts from archive sites, but missed some of the earliest. Though I started blogging in Nov '04, my oldest surviving post is from Feb '05 here.


Happy Blogiversary :)

I only started blogging this year - and really for myself - I'd never be organised enough to keep a diary but this gives me some reference points for my life which has come in handy a few times already. It is also read by some of my close friends who are scattered around the world, not that they ever publically comment - but I do get e-mail comments from them quite frequently.
My first sad little post is here:


Here is my first post.

Nessa Z.

I just love contests, and your prizes are tops! I am still sadly blogless, but I did several posts in Knit Like a Latvian. (Does that count?) Here is the link to the first: http://knitlikealatvian.blogspot.com/2007/02/where-mitten-dabbles-its-toes-in-frog.html Other than that, the first blog I remember reading is Wendy (http://wendyknits.net/).


Here's my first post:

Since then I've moved on to my own domain name, and I've started getting comments (sometimes more than 1 on a post!). I'll be hitting my 3-year blogiversary in October this year. How time flies...



Heh. My first post.

congratulations! Must be thrilling to know that you blogged since 2004! Hard to believe that I blogged for a year already...


Happy Blogiversary!
I have been reading, your blog and others, for years, but JUST TODAY posted my first actual post! So I guess it's my Blog Birth Day! Of course, I wish I could have gotten that one photo to not display sideways, but I guess that gives me something to aim for; I would hate to be perfect!

Mary Lynn

Congratulations on your blogiversary! Three years is pretty cool stuff.

Here is my first post on my blog:


I guess I missed my first blogiversary. Oops.


3 years of continuous blogging - now THAT is impressive.
Here's a link to my firs blog post from October of 2005

Have a wonderful week!

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