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Happy Blogiversary! Its a pleasure to meet you!
Whow knew that I had such great knittser neighbors:) It will be fun meeting you at the grand SF meet up!

Here is the link to my first post on typepad:

I was on blogger before that.


Happy Blog-versary! Here is a link to my first post:


Hope my blogging skills have increase since then.


Congratulations on your blogiversary!!

Here's my first post...


Yay! Keep up the great work.


Happy blogiversary! My first post was a little more than two years ago: http://www.spritewrites.net/?p=2.


Happy Blogiversary. What a fun idea, asking for links to our first blog posts. Here's mine: http://ceciliaknits.blogspot.com/2006/11/new-blog.html


I was a slow starter. :P



Yay! Happy Blogoversary!

here's my first blog post, though the photography is a little embarrassing, I am so happy that I decided to take the plunge last year!


I'm so happy to have a blog buddy like you, and I love the podcast!


my first post was 10 years ago, september 1997
things have changed a lot since then. I still hand code and exist with out comments....
I enjoy not journaling as much now I knit instead :). Have a good one and keep writing. Happy blogiversary.


Happy blogiversary!

Mine: http://britknit.blogspot.com/2006/01/gah-uncle-i-give.html

It's awful. Heh.


What a great idea! My first post was not so long ago:

Happy 3rd! I love Aija's stitch markers. They were a primary weakness for me during the Stash Bustalong (http://bustalong.blogspot.com).

kelli ann

oy. first, photo-less blog entry here:
(march 15th, 2004. 2004?! that's crazy!!!)


kelli ann

pushed 'post' before i said "happy 3rd anniversary." and many happy returns.


Congrats! 3 years, wow.
Here's my first blog post! Not very interesting.

Dipsy D.

Happy, happy blogiversary - congratulations on 3 years!!!
Here's my first blog entry:



This is pretty irresistible! Consider me entered!

While not my first-first blog entry, this is my first story, about a real encounter with an Irish mystic who (over many pints of Guinness) saw me in a vision...

Blogging is so interesting, isn't it? Why people blog, about what subjects... joyful celebrations to you.


Congratulations!!! I've been doing a personal blog-thing for over five years now, but I only started a crafty blog recently. My first post is here: http://comfortable-cha.livejournal.com/529.html .


Here is a link to my first Blog Post :-) It's not all that exciting.... Although the pix in the post were taken at a Sheep to Shawl festival in my town last year, so I guess I'm coming up on my one year Bloggiversary!


I'm the world's worst blogger though, I hardly update. But if you check out my more recent entries you'll see a video of my seven year old trying to explain how to knit.

Yeah for contests! And happy three years/1000 comments!


Happy Happy, Nicole! I just celebrated a Blogaversary a few weeks ago... though I can't claim continuity. I took almost a year off! That's bad.

This isn't my first post, but I think it's my http://kyleminor.vox.com/library/post/6a00c11413d92f819d00cd9720ba8e4cd5.html favorite.


Hi. My first post was here.


getting ready to be a blogger, so much to say, will have to install a filter


Happy anniversary! My blog is only 7 weeks old. I have only 1 comment for my blog. I would have 2 but my mom can't figure out how to make a comment with her dinosaur laptop.


Happy Blogiversary!

I'm not sure, but the first blog I might have read was skinnyrabbit.com


love the podcast--it's really well-edited & one of the first I listen to. I don't blog much--set one up so I could comment non-anonymously on a friend's--and now I mostly use it to share recipes with more than one person. I have a lot of ideas for the blog, but haven't actually done them...just like my knitting, which is why I have accumulated a sizable stash, which is why I love your podcast.

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