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Congratulations on your blogiversary! I have not been blogging for long but here is my first blog entry.


Happy blogiversary. Here's my first post.


Hello, this is my very first week of blogging- and that is almost exactly a year ago!!!!!


Congratulations. My first blog post was just a few months ago, depicting my first-ever knitted item.


Congratulations on a 3-year blogiversary! That's an accomplishment to be proud of.

My first blog post is here:
and includes a couple of sweaters I had finished the previous winter. I deleted the actual first post long ago, since it was the usual "hi! this is me!" beginner blog post. I've been blogging less than a year but I know what you mean - it feels like longer!


First: I think it's funny that you call them "brick and mortar friends." Second: Ditto this whole post. Third: Funny how 7 years of livejournal turned into a knitting blog. Also how that old saying about the more things change--well. there you go.


Happy Blogiversary! My first post was WAY lame, it's funny how it takes a while to find a voice. The first blog I ever read was my husband's, waaaay back in 1995. I didn't know him then, and I didn't meet him for another 9 years after that, but he was the first blogger I knew (before it was called blogging even!)


Holy-crapola!!!! This is a knitting motherlode. I loved your blog before there was the chace of winning cool stuff and I will love it long after prizes have been dispersed.

As you know I appreciate your love of Buffy, Arrested Development and a mutal admiration of the great Donal Logue (the first season of Grounded for Life rocked). I am thrilled beyond belief when I see new post here and know it will hold some little gem that will have me giggling like a stoned hyena watching Adult Swim.

Keep on blogging in the free world Big Sis!


Aww, this cruddy post isn't worth calling my first, though it's a hell of a candy wrapper.


Congratulations on your blogiversary, and many happy returns!


Hi Nicole!

Happy Blogiversary!!!!! I started reading your blog after I discovered your podcast! I LOVE YOUR PODCAST! and have been missing it very much for the last couple weeks!

The first blog I remember reading was this one:
..... probably in about 2001?

looking forward to hearing you tomorrow!


Yay, congrats on this magic number milestone! My first blog post was really about an amazing travel adventure I had back in 2004. The knitting posts came right afterward. :)

Three cheers to you and here's to the next three years of creativity.


Way to stretch out the blogiversary celebrations! Can I just "accidently" hit the Post button 30 times to improve my chances? :)

Allow me to take you back to January 1, 2003, and this non-starter of a blog post. (The second post was really the real first post.)


Way to bring out the knitters, promise of lots of goodies! I am a newbie blogger, here is the link to my first blog post: http://kiwiknitter.blogspot.com/2007/01/where-do-i-starthellosomeoneanyoneanyon.html.
Thanks for what you do in your podcast, it is great and I thoroughly enjoy each episode.


First off, Happy Blogiversary! I celebrated my 2nd year of blogging a few weeks ago. I foun your blog sometime last year when you declared your list of UFOs and that you were going to finish them all. That was quite interesting to me and I've been reading but lurking, bad, bad me. I didn't just comment to enter a contest, but thought it was a good time to say hello and I think your contest idea is unique. My first blog post can be found here. Thanks! I've enjoyed reading your blog and until I read some of your comments, I forgot you're doing a podcast too. I just started listening to Stash and Burn this weekend and I really enjoy it too! Coolness!


Happy Blogiversary. I don't think I've every commented on your blog, but I read often. Sorry to be a lurker!

My first post wasn't too long ago. Here it is.


Happy Blogiversary! My first post is here: http://nothingbutknit.blog-city.com/well_here_i_am.htm


Hi -- Congrats on your anniversary. I am a San Francisco knitter and HUGE fan of your podcast. In fact, I am downloading your new episode now. (If you see a woman running in Laurel Heights with a Golden Retriever listening intently to her iPod, that's me, listening to you and Jenny!) I do not have a blog but the blog that got me hooked is http://www.elizabethklett.com/knit.html. Leslie


First blog I followed was rickmercer.com/blog. It's political and a Canadian thing. Lastest blog I'm following is yours, of course. Love the podcast, welcome back. (I hope I win the sock yarn!)

Melanie Watts

congratulations on your blog milestone and contest give away. Here is the link to my first blog post way back in February 2003.


Congratulations on the blogthday! My first blog post is here (http://exercisebeforeknitting.blogspot.com/2005/12/this-is-my-first-foray-into-blog-world.html) but please don't read it because it was so lame. :-) Isn't everyone's first post a bit lame?


Love your podcast (it's in my 'top 3' an dhave missed you guys) and just recently found your blog. Congrats on the big milestone!


*sings loud and lustily* HAAPPYY BLOG-BIRFFDAY TO YOUUUUUUU!! Hehehe I'm a recent and avid reader - love your podcast, found your blog via those airwaves and loving it! Here's to another 3 years! My blog is rather new, as is my knitting history, my first (very excited!) blog post is here - http://knit-nutt.blogspot.com/2006_08_01_archive.html :)


Your podcast is lots of fun!

The first blog that I remember reading belongs to one of my friends: mommaonthebrink.blog.com



Happy Blogiversary!!

Here is my first blog post. Kinda boring because I was just testing out this whole blog thing at the time. Now I am addicted!


Andy B

This is a wonderful and generous idea. I can't imagine how you're keeping track of who that 1000th commenter is, but that's just not the way my brain works. My blog is not really that much about knitting, but is becoming more about knitting as my life becomes more filled with wooly ideas.

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