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I love that cardigan -- I can't wait to see yours.


The stripes look awesome! I've been curious about Carolyn, because the proportion of the sleeves is different than in most knitting patterns. You rarely see sweaters with nice wide sleeves unless they're supposed to be gigantic. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.


I loved Carolyn, too. I'd forgotten about wanting to make her until I saw your post. I love your color choices.


The Carolyn's really cute. I like this designer. She's got quite a lot of play at MagKnits.com! I especially like her Hug and Jessica patterns. Weird considering I don't usually go for stripes!


great colors!

I like your last post about the sheep trying to pass for dogs... too funny!


I just started Carolyn myself on Friday! Similar colors but I'm using cotton for mine. Can't wait to see yours done! (And mine!)


Oh, that knitting machine is to die for, isn't it?


Your colors remind me of the tree-line striped cardigan from Purlbee. Great minds think alike, I guess. I really like light blue with brown, too.


I thought celadon was a shade of green... am I going to have to turn in my gay card?


I am so feeling the dark-brown-with-light-blues-and-greens color palette these days. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

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