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Your mom is cute and it's a great knit.

Also: I miss your podcast. But I like your posting. Oh the conundrums I face...


Your mom looks fabulous in that sweater! I've admired that design from day one but have feared the unusual construction a bit because it would be hard to modify to fit me well. But you made it work so well. I think it looks great meeting in the middle like that, better than some I've seen where the buttons close awkwardly.


IT looks fantastic!!!! You did a great job!


Fabulous!! I love the colour, and it looks wonderful on your mom. And now I'm looking over at my own SCJ progress: one sleeve/front that I really enjoyed and then put aside soooo long ago. What's that about?


Your mother is adorable! I love the haircolor. The SRC Jacket looks smashing, and you couldn't have chosen a better color for your mother.


I love the modifications. Great color on your mom!


I love, love, love this pattern. But I have nothing in my stash, if I want to make it I must buy. So it is great to hear from a fellow knitter about this pattern.

The color is amazing and your mom is adorable!


I love it. This pattern never appealed to me before, but now I want to knit it! I'm totally missing the show, I can't wait until next week. :)
BTW, I spied an Executive bag on Knitty Gritty last week in the blue color I was considering. I'm so glad I stuck with the green, I can't wait until it comes in. Should be another week or so.


Awww, it suits her so well! Perfect color choice.

Diana G

Hi wonderful and silly ladies - I have a quick question regarding the sunrise circle jacket. Usually, patterns say to fit a bust size x then you have an idea of how much ease to use in the pattern. How can you figure out which one to knit if you don't know these dimensions also?

So...how did you decide?

Thanks! D


she looks great in it! I have some Cascade 220 that I have been saving for this pattern but it's too hot to knit wool now!!

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