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As mossy green is one of my staple colors, I can say I wear it with white, yes, but mostly dusty pink. But I don't know if you're a pink la-tay.

Tulips still looks nice!


It looks great, better than in the pattern! Nice job! Have you tried wearing it with a soft mint or peach?


Adorable. I love the color and how the piece will work great for spring, even a cool summer evening.

Hip-hip horrah for another project marked off the list.


Fabulous. Tulips looks great on you. It would go with brown, no?

And, no surprise, I love your hair. (I'm so predictable.) I've been thinking a lot about the shorter-in-the-back, longer-at-the-front look. Love it!


Tulips turned out reallly cute. I don't think I've seen that pattern before. Looks very versatile! I've also never used that yarn or one like it... do you think the angora will shed, or is it a smallish enough amount that it will be okay?

I agree with the colors others have mentioned (esp. pink, even though I'm not a huge fan of it, and brown), but how about black? I wear black with pretty much everything, so that would be my first thought. I have a cardi in a similar color that's been languishing in my knitting basket for so. long. and I kept wondering what the heck I'd wear with it! Now I have some ideas.


That's a cute sweater. Moss green and very light grey would be lovely and very "now". Grey IS the new black. Also Navy pants would be lovely.


YAY! I'm excited to see this one on you. Very cute. I think you can wear moss green with almost anything but you've seen my sense of "style." Nice work!


Cute top! And yes, I agree - the color will look great with brown, pink, cream, coral. Or another mossy green top for a monochromatic look. The design would look great with a simple cami or tee under it for warmer weather too. Great job! Now - on to #2!


Very, very cute!


I love it! I think the mossy green would work with brown or gray.


Tulips is gorgeous! I like that you did a combo of machine and hand knitting on this. I wear olive a good deal, and I wear it with tans, peach, yellow, burnt orange, etc.


Pretty! Yay for FOs!

I wear green with purples and browns (not at the same time). I think green also goes well with orange.


It really does look like tulips.

I like to consider that shade of green a neutral.


The comment is absolutly stunning and thumbs up for using stash!!
and no idea what to wear with green. I seldom wear green and if I do I just match it whatever fells out of the closet ;)


Tulips looks great! I would wear it with brown or pale yellow or robin's egg blue. I like blue and green together.

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