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That's a tough one. I think I'm going to say "Barracuda," but it's definitely a close call. (I'll admit, though, that if I were to turn on the radio and hear "What About Love," I'd happily belt out the words. I'm not saying it's one of the best, just maybe one of the funnest.)

knitty mcgee

mickey hart is way swinginer than heart


Stop! Alone is definitely it.




Oh man. All I can do when I look at this post is stare at the album artwork and think about how my therapist went to high school with Ann & Nancy. (well, he hung out with them on weekends.)


Hmmm. I don't have a favorite Heart song.


I have a friend who was always partial to "Dreamboat Annie."

We used to call them the "wig sisters" in college,because that was Ann and Nance's heavy extension phase.

I don't think I adequately answered your question.


I'm going to have to go with Magic Man because, although Barracuda totally rocks, it's got some seriously lame lyrics. What about Crazy on You or Heartless? Huh? Did you even THINK about those? I think those are both better than Barracuda. Alright, I gotta go listen to my Best of Heart CD now.


Dreamboat Annie. That song always takes me back to when I was living in WA state and traveling up and down the West Coast, always in sight of the ocean. Can't beat a song that brings back such lovely memories.


Dream Boat Annie is definitely a good one, but I also like Dog and Butterfly. But here's my question... You gals are too young to know this music. What gives?



Oh yeah, Crazy On You is excellent too!


Wasn't that just yesterday? Time flies when you're having a life. (I'm young until I pass a mirror.)


I would say Crazy on You, Kick It Out, Magic Man, and Dream Boat Annie.


Oh... Barracuda, of course. That's just IT.

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