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Amy Boogie

Nice stash.
And the rules sound so reasonable. Even I could follow those :)


Good stash resolutions. I would do the same thing, but I'm afraid to photograph everything in my stash. The shame and embarrassment! My resolution is also to not buy more yarn until Stitches (with your exceptions as well as a souvenir skein exception for traveling) and to finish up a few machine projects that will empty out some bin space. Hurrah! Can't wait to see you later.


The photo-browser thing is very cool. Nice work on the organizing -- you have so much lovely stuff that I'd think knitting from your stash would be lots of fun!


You have quite the stash. I can't even apply the 30 skeins rule, I don't think. Maybe I need to assess my own situation.


Good luck!! I'm not going to commit to that because I've tried so many times and didn't stick to any of it.


Girl, this is perfect. And timely. I found this book at the SBPL called Odd Ball Knitting. You may have already heard of it, but if not I'll lend it to you. There are some seriously cute patterns. Plus, you're so good with color. Plus, if I get the full-time lib job there, you know who's buying the 740's.


Holy cow, I'm amazed that stash didn't up and swallow you whole! Incredible organizing, I might add.


I love the pile. I do organizing by messing as well.


Wow, you're so prolific making a dent in the stash shouldn't be a problem. Hey...Grace is here. I'm famous! The corset pullover is amazing!! I'm inspired.


That is one big pile-o-yarn. Good luck! I love the idea of the Knit from your Stash but my stash is so pathetically small I would only get one or two projects out of it, and that's just sad.

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