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Your sweater is amazing! I'm glad you broke your fast--at least, your casting-on fast. :)


beautiful! I have pakucho envy...


Twenty one days is worthy of being quite proud, I think. That is a full three weeks without new yarn. Besides, you are helping out a friend. The Corset Pullover looks fantastic on you. The neckline modifications are perfect, and I really like the sleeves without the straps. Gorgeous!


it looks really, really nice. i always like it when i see handknit stuff that i would find neat and impressive just as a garment at a store, not just because somebody knit it themselves.


Hurrah! The neck edging turned out so well! What yarn are you using for your hat?


Congratulations! I remember when you bought that yarn. The finished pullover looks amazing -- you're a pro to make all those modifications. It fits you well and looks great.


it looks fabulous! i've had the yarn sitting around to make this for more than a year now - yours makes me itch to start it!



What a beautiful garment and a story that sounds oh so familiar... I keep starting projects and letting them linger while I start new ones. If only we could finish things before starting new ones, think of all the lovely sweaters we could be wearing! I love the color you chose for your pulli. Those sleeves are fabulous, too!


I was in love with it from the minute you showed me the pattern. Still am. Excellent work. It's a beautiful sweater.


You don't need me to tell you how awesome your corest pulli looks... So I just called Ed Helms and he told me he thinks it's awesome, too.

Amy Boogie

Its gorgeous and more it looks really good on you.

I love the "diet" idea. Stating i'm on a diet almost never works for me either.


Amazing sweater! Something I could never pull off, something you certainly can.


Yay! It looks great! I made that top last year, but I wasn't very happy with it. I did the pattern exactly as it was written. Your alterations would have been just the thing! I never wear mine because of the neckline. You're such a clever knitter!


Hey, could you email me and help me figure out what it is that I am supposed to do with the long straps? Tommorrow I am sewing up the 2 side seams, and putting in the sleeves. I really don't get what the 2 long backstaps do!!

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