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Amy Boogie

It's encouraging (or should that be sadddening) to see that someone has almost as many WIP's as me (23 that I've found)


Come on, baby, finish what you started! If you have an urge to cast on, e-mail me -- I'll tell you to stop.


that if a lot of UFOs! Get cracking! I only have one - orangina - and two WIPs (one for work and one for home) - a mini-clapotis and the baudelaire socks. So three total but clapotis is nearly finished!


Ugh. I have several WIPs, too... somehow I find your list making to be brave... maybe I'm in denial about unfinished projects!


Wowee this post is a real pick me up. I only have three. Of course, I am not nearly as prolifica knitter as one Big Sister (aka Nicole).

My list

Prairie Tunic
Flower Petal Shawl
Leaf Scarf from VK Summer 05


I bet my list is just as long as yours I just don't have the heart to open all the boxes and really count them all. This just means we must knit together more often. We will get through this! I swear.


You are indeed a cautionary tale! I think this is one challenge I am happy to lose. I'll stick with my less than five UFOs and be glad of it. Pick one machine knit and one hand knit, and alternate. The machine knit is probably easy enough to finish -- get to it! As for Grace, I forgot that I have one languishing (from last Sept) as well. I wonder if the short-sleeved mohair top is really a wearable item?


I had guite a few UFOs and the best thing I did was take as many as I could with me while we went camping. It was the best thing I couldve done! Me, the quiet and nature got a lot of finishing done! It was great! Just remember..YOU CAN DO IT!!!:)

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