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On the bright side, if you decide to switch careers and become a nurse, you'll have a pattern to make your own scrubs.


Oh my! You have a good sense of humour about it. I'm sorry; I did giggle at the photo. The apron, on the other hand, is divine. So sweet. win some, lose some. At least it wasn't hours lost to knitting...


Gurl, that pattern looks like it's for the tall girls. I'm over the tall girl clothing. Were there any lines or instructions to petite-ize it? Don't feel badly. The apron rocks. I think I may fashion for myself an entire wardrobe of aprons. Then, I'm going to pretend it's the 1930's. Of course, if it were actually the 1930's I would be a social pariah.


Wow! Did the pattern designed think that all women have boobs that point directly to their armpits?


The apron is nice, I agree.

I have been meaning to ask...Could you please do a post on Snack Rock?

What is Snack Rock? You mentioned it in your music post, and I dwell on this question daily. What is Snack Rock? Would I like it? How can I obtain it?

Again, purty apron. Funny scrubs.


I love love love the apron! It is soo adorable! But more than that I love you and your talent! Kisses!


I just made that McCalls 4304 pattern yesterday, on my second one today. Did your pattern call for horizontal darts? I had vertical darts and it worked out good...the horizontal ones never match up to my bust area.

Great apron...there is an ApronAlong started at http://apronalong.blogspot.com if you are interested...and you could have great input as you've sewed up some wonderful ones that I have seen.

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