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That's a kickin' bag! So much better than all the pastely stuff out there. I seem to remember loving your last bag, too. Lucky baby and family! :)


Oh, and thanks for putting Pat Benatar in my head! :)


Okay, while I am not here to pass judgment, I do recall you and I solemnly swearing that we were NEVER going to another freakin' wedding or baby shower, no matter who was getting married/having the baby. In addition to that oath, we were going to advise all of our closest friends of this. I know she's your best friend, BUT YOU PROMISED. I can only assume that since you were not featured in any of the pictures, you were not actually there and someone was there emailed the photos to you. Also, that bag does rock. Gurl, you been busy.


i love this bag! if you ever want a to trade a camo messenger bag for astrology or yarn, please let me know!


Way cool bag. Pink and camo is not a combination I thought would look good, but you proved me wrong. A great baby gift!


I concur. Nothing says "Fab" like pink and camo.



As the lucky recipient of the diaper bag I have to say that I love the bag. While Ron does wear loads of camo he does not possess any fire arms, night vision goggles, or other accrouterments often associated with the camo-wearing set. It's apparently just a fashion statement. Also, for the record, I tried to spare Big Sister by not even inviting her to the shower, but was found out and an invitation was actually requested. She even WON one of the two shower games we played. Go figure. It can happen to the best of us, I suppose.


I love it!!!! It ALMOST makes me want to have a baby just so I can have that bag.........but no.


Rayna, gurl, you are an excellent friend. Big Sister told me the whole story, and I really admire you for respecting her feelings on this issue. On top of it all, you make a super cute pregnant lady.

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