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I will add that I DID find a letter recently which was written by Big Sister around the time of quoted journal entries, noting how very cool the new indoor mall in our hometown was and also how much she loved Tom Hanks. These statements were made without any hint of sarcasm, which is kind of cute, actually. sigh.


Ah come on that's not so bad. Your journals could have revealed a love of Hall & Oats which is the contents of a good friend's journal from her clearly mispent youth. It seems you just really, really liked Tom Hanks and cool indoor malls (who doesn't!). It all sounds very sweet.

And my NSS Cardi is coming along but something seems off. It is my first raglan and top down knit so it isn't like I even know what it is going on. So I keep knitting away. I am still on the top portion increasing to the sleeve separation point. I hope the needles I ordered arrive in time!


Mr. Short Term Memory IS a classic.

Package in the mail to you by next Monday or Tuesday.

My old journals are written in a code that even I can't decipher. But I think they all revolve around David Bowie, The Empire Strikes Back, and how I wanted to get into Harrison Ford's pants.

The times, they change.


Those entries are mortifying only in their inaneness -- which of course is not a criticism. Perhaps if you sang them and did sign language at the same time?


The frequent use of the word "rad" takes me right back, Nic! Eighteen years ago I started college--it seems like it was yesterday, huh?

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