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Is this Cupcake Club or what? I actually have an idea for how to mitigate that 'anemic' coloring of your frosting: dutch-process (or 'Dutched') cocoa powder. They put in some alkaline additives that makes the taste a bit more like dark chocolate, and really ramps down the color into the black region. Just add a Tablespoon or so along with the melted chocolate; start with 1 T and add more if you like. Also, if you get a cheap plastic piping bag and a star tip (you can get a set of 15 disposable bags and 3 tips at Sur La Table for, like, $10), you can pipe a heaping helping of frosting on the cupcake, thereby having less 'left over." It can be piled high with just a knife, too, but it's a bit easier with the bag, believe it or not.


I had the same typepad problems.....but I think one of those delicious cupcakes would make me feel better.

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