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I've heard she does live up there. Someone saw her once driving down Market in a black bmw a year or so ago.


She does live here, but be careful -- replace "Tracy Chapman" with "John Waters" and "breakfast spot" with "dry cleaners" and that could be my story. And, it wasn't him. Of course, unlike TC, he doesn't live in SF. So... who knows?


Can't we just replace "Tracy Chapman" and "John Waters" with "Wet Shirtless Benjamin Bratt" and "breakfast spot" and "dry cleaners" with "Kyle's living room?" I mean, wishes can be horses, right?


We aren't really kuntry music people, but live in a town full of kuntry music stars, so we play this game a lot in restaurants. My husband's way to find out, is to talk some good, loud, smack about the person and see what kind of reaction you get. Bad reaction = Tracy Chapman. No reaction = not Tracy Chapman. Now, this is not MY recommended method, but it is rather effective.


Oh yeah, Benjamin Bratt is from here. A couple of years ago he was living around the corner from my friend Rosie, in the Upper Haight. She invited him in for a wet, shirtless dance in her living room. He accepted. She has a disco ball in there. She said it was a sight to behold, with Ben all wet and reflective in the light of the disco ball.


Holy crap my neighborhood sucks! Postal workers and retired Englishman from the northern part of the UK who make it point to say he only shounds Scotish.


I was in Andronico's when I was told the guy behind me was Chris Isaak - whom I only know of. I looked but didn't care one way or the other. Funny, a store clerk and two others I asked who lived in the neighborhood said they'd heard of him, never saw him, but heard he likes to surf. Yeah the guy was him but I guess not in his own 'hood.

Overall, I think "stars" that live in SF can live pretty anonymously and pain free (of stalkers).

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